Who is mark sanford dating dating outside of race

“At some level, an opponent to any idea that I happen to espouse will always be able to hit me with ‘Appalachian Trail’ or whatever,” he said.

Bu Sanford said he was grateful that enough voters were willing to overlook his indiscretion to hand him the nomination.

(And some poor girls only get a seven-word post-it).

She was married to Governor Mark Sanford, whose initial campaigns she substantially funded.“Maybe there will be another chapter when waters calm …” Perhaps they finally have. Sanford’s office has yet to respond to our request for comment.Last Wednesday, Sanford and Chapur were seen together at a private reception in honor of the 15th anniversary of John W. The pair, we’re told, seemed decidedly couple-ly, working the room together and introducing themselves to the gala’s other attendees. Buoyed by his comeback victory in Tuesday night’s GOP congressional runoff, former S. Maria Belen Chapur, the Argentinian woman who broke up his marriage and derailed his political career, was at Sanford’s side as he celebrated his Republican nomination in the vacant First Congressional District. During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday, Sanford acknowledged some voters may never forgive him for his extramarital affair, which came to light in 2009 after he disappeared from the capital on what he claimed was a hiking trip. Mark Sanford is unveiling his mistress-turned-fiancée and dismissing the star power of his Democratic opponent, Elizabeth Colbert Busch. voters have gotten a glimpse of Chapur, but she has been almost entirely absent from the campaign trail as Sanford embarked on his redemption tour.

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