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The Mad Men star has given up the bachelor life now that he’s engaged to girlfriend Mulitz. Cupid’s Advice: Lots of couples will eventually discuss marriage and possible next steps in their relationship.

The proposal happened while the couple was walking their dog. Though, when it does come time to pop the question, convention says you don’t want them to see it coming: 1.

Andrew Lofland, while a guy's guy, has always been a secret romantic...

not above crooning to Celine Dion while driving to work, with dreams of finding "the one." He imagines her to be just like that shimmering beauty he spotted that night in that silver dress at that concert two years ago.

While at work, Andrew must navigate around Lydia, aka "Big Bird" (Christina Kirk, "Girls," "Taking Woodstock"), his boss and general manager at Wallflower, who has a way of making everyone in the office uncomfortable. Everyone is very happy for them.” What are some ways to plan a spontaneous-style proposal?Rehearse your speech: Don’t go into the moment expecting the words to instantly pour from your heart.He has shown his talent in various roles in a number of movies and TV shows.He co-stars with Hilary Duff, Chris Noth and Heather Locklear in his Hollywood feature film debut The Perfect Man in 2005.

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His height perfectly matches his body structure and he would be resistless if he goes shirtless.

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