Updating n95 8gb

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Your N95 8GB feeling jealous over other phones that have pre-installed software and features that it doesn’t?

To update a N95 8GB, connect the device to a host Windows PC and run the Nokia Software Updater application.

The update (v15.0.015) is still being rolled out, and so some country-specific editions might not yet be available.

The Nokia N95 8GB has been on the market for only a short time, but has already seen its share of system software updates.

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At the moment, using the widget on devices other than the N96 is not supported - something we have been very clear about.

I can reassure andibeeb that this is not because the BBC has any kind of deal with Nokia to promote some types of phones over others.

The new firmware v31.0.015 (the full ROM, around 130MB) for N95 8GB was unveiled only a few hours ago, and it works with the unbranded phones.

The firmware is supposedly coming with the following changes: minor bug fixes and cosmetic enhancements, closing of the SDK security 'hack' for jailbreaking personal devices, photo quality improvements (in case the same algorithm tweaks used for N95 classic v31 are present here as well), along with more browser stability and speed improvements.

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