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But nearly every day I’m troubled by some trivial, cash-only obstacle.

Once again this morning, I wanted to buy a soda at my corner bodega, and then remembered that the credit card minimum is five bucks.

I’ve gone about two months now without touching a dollar.

If I’m honest, I must admit it’s beginning to wear on me.

Usefull for testing e-commerce sites (because they should get past any pre-validation you do, and be declined at the card processor or bank stage).

Does Yuppie Gadgets store my Credit Card information? If you’d prefer to store your Credit Card details for faster checkout, then consider signing up for Pay U.

This option is also available at checkout on the secure payment page. Instant EFT Instant EFT enables you to make payments with traditional internet banking with SA’s four biggest banks.

Before you ask no I haven't got anyone's credit card details.

Instead take a look at some of the amusing feedback I have received by e-mail.

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