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7 Cups has compassionate people like yourself who are available 24/7 to chat and support you.Regardless of where you're at or what you're feeling, we have a home for you here. This is being done to help protect our members from being hurt by people pretending they are someone they are not.If your computer savvy I'm sure you can get around it but for the most part its better than nothing. This weekend, I am willing to supply pictures of my sexy brunette wife - no strings attached. I guess there is something exciting about having a hot wife.All I ask is that we chat about her as we go, and you tell me sexy things about her. Guys comment, send voice mails, and chat endlessly about my wife! On two occasions over the years, my wife has had a father and son. Here's a little about her: 5ft 5 brown hair brown eyes, big areolas, curvy (not fat) very high sex drive Yahoo id...I am willing to share many different types of her pictures... The first happened on a campsite when the 17yrs old boy became suspicious of his father visiting our caravan and subsequently saw his father having sex with my wife. Love to chat about my wife and my efforts with trying to talk her into being shared. Love exposing hotwifes and girlfriends online on my blog.

ok i could see he point so i became a stay home mom don;t get a worng i love being a stay... Allow me to clarify that statement a bit, cause it could mean different things to different people. We have a 10 yr old son and i stay at home to go work out at the YMCA. I cannot even begin to explain the hurt, frustration, and loneliness i feel. I love my huband but he never spends anytime with me. her husband was always gone on business and just left her at home, usually she called me crying about the situation.

we just love 2 watch cpls on cam , lol [email protected]

Hi folks, sorry it’s taken me so long to complete this amazing story of our experience.

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Looking for what to do when you're lonely and sad, or looking for a bored and lonely (or depressed) chat room? There are so many others out there feeling the same way.

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:) I would spend hours and hours sorting through prospects and looking for the perfect man to share her... to share my wife with other men as i know once we do it once we will not be able to stop. x I've had some really great chats online on this subject.... I will give you a little taste of humiliation, and show the world your ****. I so desire to watch my wife getting ****** by other men. To those of you who are like myself and get extremely turned on while watching your wife having sex with other men. Can you give an example and maybe add a picture or two of the event that most turned you on?

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