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In addition, effective immediately, the Trust’s investment manager, Fisher Asset Management, LLC (the “Manager”), will begin an orderly transition of the Trust’s portfolio investments to cash and cash equivalents and each Fund will thereafter no longer be pursuing its investment objective.

At any time prior to the Distribution Date, investors may redeem shares of the Fund.

Mutual Funds Are Not Stocks The first thing you need to understand is that mutual funds are not synonymous with stocks.

So, a decline in the stock market does not necessarily mean that it is time to sell the fund.

Mutual funds are not singular entities; they are portfolios of financial instruments, such as stocks and bonds, chosen by a portfolio or fund manager in accordance with the fund's strategy.

An advantage of this portfolio of assets is diversification.

Clients may not thank Whitebox now, but they will surely thank them later. I guess you don't think there are any more losses coming? That's just like the retail equity buyers selling on a long slide, only to see the stock move back up to initial strike price (or higher) in the years to come. In this case, the coach simply walked away while the team was far behind and left the players standing in the field.

The redemption, sale, exchange, or liquidation of your shares may be a taxable event to the extent that your tax basis in the shares is lower than the liquidation proceeds per share that you receive.

You should consult your personal tax advisor concerning your particular tax situation.

Please note that the Trust will be liquidating its assets on or about June 30, 2016 (the “Distribution Date”).

In connection with the liquidation of the Trust, effective immediately, the Trust will CEASE SALES OF FUND SHARES.

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On or about the Distribution Date, the Funds will liquidate their assets and distribute cash pro rata to all remaining shareholders who have not previously redeemed their shares.

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