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She's got, I think most importantly, a new understanding and appreciation for Oliver's sense of the dangers of this life and the dangers of having a personal life while doing it and the consequences of that in a really direct way now, because ultimately Malone wouldn't have been in the crosshairs if it weren't for her. I think you guys have acknowledged the fact that you feel like you probably broke Oliver and Felicity up too soon last season.

In terms of bringing Malone on and then dispatching him so early in Season 5, can you talk about the motivations behind that, and where it leaves Oliver and Felicity moving forward?

’ saga in which he is one of the three remaining official suspects.

The pair, who play troubled Daniel Osbourne and kindly Billy Mayhew respectively, have attended numerous events together including the LGBT Awards and Dolly-Rose Campbell’s 30th birthday.

Having struck up a close friendship after Rob joined the show last year, the pair have continued to bond.

I try to keep an open mind and date outside my usual type.

[An interview with the director of ‘The Lobster,’ a dark comedy about the search for love] Kiss them, whatever. And you wasted your time on Earth.” We spend too much time overthinking.

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