Brendon urie and audrey kitching dating

The two of them would frequently book duo modeling gigs.

THAT IS, until they had a huge feud over their friendship with Jeffree Star (spoiler alert: Audrey was playing both of them) and suddenly were mortal enemies.

They subtweeted the shit out of each other, and tried to get fans on one another's side like crazy.

More details on this later in the section on Jeffree.

At the Disco-------(x1)Scene Header-------(x1)Jared Leto Header-------(x1)Jared Leto Friends Only Banner-------(x1)Panic!

She's extremely cynical and angry (which I'll demonstrate later with my quotes! The best part is, I can totally top this picture later. You know, no big deal, they’re just this ridiculous band about a Disco. Right now I just want to gush about how much she loves photography and music. he told me he was thankful i was the first person that was ever nice to him in california.

@Rosie Urie930 y dont you take a f***in chill pill....i was kiddin everyone wishes they could be brendons girlfriend...i still do..i guess with you no one can coz if we do we get yelled at...please tell me you were kidding when you sed that sh*t???

oh btw i heard he and sarah broke up..i saw picutres of them dancing at his sisters wedding on buzznet??

Before Brendon she actually dated a guitarist for From First To Last, Travis Richter, and later she also dated Ronnie Radke from Escape The Fate.

Audrey was friends with all the biggies: Jeffree Star, Jac Vanek, and most notably Hanna Beth.

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