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Observe that in accommodating for the near object, one is conscious of a distinct effort.

With an accommodating chaperon who knew no German, the couple could do and say what they pleased.

alkalmaz, alkamaz, befogad, egyetért, elhagy, elhelyez, elodáz, elsimít, elszállásol, enged, halaszt, halogat, helyreállít, hozzáigazít, hozzáilleszt, illeszt, kibékít, kiegyenlít, lemond, megjavít, rendez, ráilleszt, segít, szervez, összeegyeztet This article may accommodate, in accordance with Article 21 of the Financial Regulation, assigned revenue which is used to provide additional appropriations to finance expenditure to which this revenue is assigned. cikke értelmében a jogcím olyan címzett bevétel kimutatására szolgálhat, amelyet ehhez a bevételhez rendelt kiadások fedezésére szolgáló további előirányzatok biztosítására használnak fel.

Where an official on mission is provided with a meal or accommodation free of charge or reimbursed by one of the institutions of the Communities, an administration or outside body, this must be declared.

According to witnesses, he was pulled screaming from his seat by security and back to the terminal at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

“I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers.” The combination of airline jargon and public relations spin didn’t sit well with many people — especially when contrasted with the images of three officers yanking the man out of his seat and pulling his limp body by the wrists down the center aisle.

Other videos showed the man pacing around the plane’s cabin with blood dripping from his mouth.

We went to a sort of inn kept by an accommodating native who promised to get up a good dinner for us.

He wanted to learn the details of the accommodating illness.

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